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At Corona Business Phone Systems, we strive to exceed customer expectations with our comprehensive hosted phone system. With a range of features designed to suit any business needs, our solutions provide both reliability and security without compromising on performance. Our automated attendants handle all incoming calls efficiently, while voicemail-to-email conversion allows you to stay connected even when on the go. Furthermore, to add an extra layer of security, state of the art options such as encryption and virus protection are built into the system. Upgrade your communications today with Corona Business Phone Systems – it’s sure to be a valuable asset for your business.

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive communication system, then the partnership between Corona Business Phone Systems and Aasani is the perfect solution. Our hosted phone technology provides all the tools necessary to easily communicate and collaborate with your team, all with the convenience of accessing it from any device. Setting up an account is simple, while conference calls are swift and intuitively managed. Providing top-class customer service is our priority; rest assured that any query or request will receive attention quickly and efficiently. With Aasani’s communication solutions, connect with your contacts more easily than ever before.

  • On-premise PBX systems are usually viewed as secure due to the fact that all associated hardware and software is located onsite. Unfortunately, this does not always protect them from cyber threats. To truly ensure the security of business communication, virtual PBX technology offers an ideal solution. This modern advancement prioritizes both safety and convenience, providing businesses with enhanced protection from malicious actors as well as access to enterprise-level reliability and innovative features. As a result, organizations can stay one step ahead of potential cybersecurity issues while still taking advantage of advanced phone system capabilities – all without compromising private data or experiencing a major incident.
  • SmartSIP Hosted protects and preserves your business’ data through robust enterprise-grade security, biometric authentication, system hardening practices, 24/7 monitoring and a mobile app. In the event that internet access is limited due to power outages or other external circumstances; employees can seamlessly stay connected by conducting meetings via voice calls on cellular networks as well as sending texts & faxes without interruption – aiming for a higher level of productivity all round.
  • Looking for a dependable telephone system provider to enhance productivity? Corona Business Phone Systems provides industry-leading telecom technology housed in superior data centers — empowering businesses with “carrier-grade” operations, reliable performance and maximum availability. Experience the power of first-class service today!
  • Unlock the power of smarter communication with Corona Business Phone Systems powered by SmartSIP. Our modern cloud-based PBX system cuts hardware costs and streamlines maintenance for rapid issue resolution, so you never miss an important call or opportunity to impress your customers! Enjoy effortless setup and custom voicemail greetings — no IT help needed!
  • Avoid the headaches of navigating a traditional PBX system and instead, embrace innovative technology with SmartSIP – Corona Business Phone Systems’ hosted service! Keep your communication efforts streamlined while eliminating any added costs. Upgrade today for effortless control over business communications.
  • Stop juggling multiple providers and saying goodbye to expensive, complicated communications. With one provider you can access a total package of VoIP landlines, mobile minutes, faxing services & texting options plus voicemail tools like virtual receptionists or online conferencing–all while keeping it streamlined and cost-effective! Make the switch now for smarter communication solutions that keep your business moving forward.
  • Unlock the door to enhanced productivity with Corona Business Phone Systems! Our expert-engineered cloud setup allows organizations of all sizes to quickly get up and running. By investing wise in our advanced communication technology, you can unlock a world of potential for your business success.
  • Professional phone systems are a booming trend due to their user-friendly design, accommodating any business size and skill level while saving time with instant extensions. Cut out extra hours of tedious tasks like Moves/Adds/Changes by automating complex processes via batch templating. Leverage this convenient technology now and streamline your organization’s communication!
  • SmartSIP Hosted Office is revolutionizing how global teams collaborate, breaking down distance to create limitless opportunities. This sophisticated software provides secure text messaging, faxing and online meeting capabilities—allowing dispersed colleagues around the globe to effortlessly stay connected no matter where they are based.
  • Unlock a world of effortless, accessible communication with hosted PBX technology. Keep in touch no matter where your work takes you! Enhance your experience with features like faxing, conferencing and online meetings available anytime & anywhere – allowing for ultimate freedom. Get connected today and discover the possibilities!
  • Our ‘Find me Follow Me’ feature provides limitless connectivity options for customers, allowing them to stay connected no matter where their travels take them! Enjoy 24/7 access on corporate or personal phones, desk lines and even hotel rooms – keep your business up-and-running at all times.
  • Say goodbye to waiting around for bulky hardware and lengthy installations. Enhance your business’ versatility with our revolutionary phone system – download free mobile and desktop applications today, granting you faster access to brand new numbers, locations, and extensions! Unlock the power of high-speed convenience; upgrade quickly & easily with no fuss necessary.
  • Our admin portal simplifies user-related operations and offers a more streamlined approach to managing your business. From quickly adding or removing users, to freeing up resources – keep things running smoothly without sacrificing performance. Reap the rewards of greater efficiency today!
  • Unleash the power of staying connected with SmartSIP Office. Our modern, innovative technology enables businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market by freeing them from bulky and costly PBX systems – allowing staff worldwide to increase their productivity while maintaining exceptional results! Invest now for future success: boost profits and establish your business as an industry leader today.

Corona Business Phone Systems is proud to have Aasani as a partner, joining forces to offer customers the best in phone systems technology.