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Multi-layered UTM

With the digital economy becoming ever more complex, businesses need a reliable safeguard from potential disruptions. Fortunately, traffic-shaping technology provides organizations with peace of mind and unparalleled protection against data loss or attacks by actively monitoring network flow and ensuring essential business operations get priority over any unforeseen internet spikes. With cutting edge safeguards like these in place, companies can stay one step ahead in today’s dynamic online world.

In today’s tech-driven world, cyber threats launch a constant attack on corporate networks and systems – unless they are protected by robust security safeguards. To ensure uninterrupted operations, businesses must invest in comprehensive anti-phishing protection that identifies malicious attempts quickly while blocking them from accessing the network before any damage can be done. Finding such an advanced solution will help shield companies against digital disruption so vital business activities may continue unhindered and secure

Protect your business from malicious online threats with Intrusion Detection and Prevention by our team. Our advanced technologies are designed to monitor for suspicious traffic, blocking any potential harm before it does damage – not only that, but you can count on 24/7 support should the worst occur. Don’t take risks when it comes to digital security; contact us today and learn how we can help keep your organization safe!

Make sure to surf the web safely—protect yourself from dangerous or offensive material. Keep your browsing clean, secure and appropriate for all ages!

Keeping up with the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats is no small task. As network administrator, protecting your system from malicious attackers requires a proactive approach and advanced tools like intrusion detection systems and virus scanners are key to successful security management. By utilizing these powerful solutions you can detect any potential attacks before they have a chance to cause damage – preserving data integrity while providing secure access for all users across the platform ahead of anyone else’s best efforts!

The digital landscape is growing evermore complex and malicious actors are leveraging secure protocols to carry out their nefarious deeds. As such, organizations must step up their security game with full SSL inspection – a process which gets the appliance involved so it can decrypt, inspect, re-encrypt content using freshly generated credentials for authentication purposes. With this approach as part of any comprehensive security strategy, businesses better protect themselves against HTTPS or other threats taking advantage of SSL technology.

Advanced Edge Security

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Business

At Corona Business Phone Systems, we understand the importance of providing your business with a comprehensive security solution. That’s why our Advanced Edge Security services offer state-of-the-art protection against malware, viruses, spam and other cyber threats. Our multi-layer system features a firewall, intrusion prevention measures, anti-virus scanning and content filtering to give you maximum coverage and peace of mind. Plus, our team of experts will develop your security strategy specifically tailored to your environment so you never have to worry about its vulnerability. Add in quality customer care that is unrivaled in the industry and you have the perfect package for keeping your company’s network and assets secure. Don’t risk leaving yourself exposed — contact us today to learn more about our Advanced Edge Security offering.

With Advanced Edge Security from Corona Business Phone Systems, You Experience:

Fast Deployment

Unlock the potential of cloud technology with zero-touch provisioning for immediate deployment and take your business to unprecedented heights in a matter of minutes.

Detailed Reporting

Get the most out of your security teams with our intuitive and lightning-fast reporting solution. Our platform streamlines report creation, meaning comprehensive data is just a few clicks away – no extra work required! Gain easy access to important networks today.

Ease of Management

Get the ultimate ease of use, peace of mind and simplified protection with our fully-managed security solutions. Our streamlined licensing per appliance offers an economical way to protect your business without putting in too much effort.

Security & Redundancy—Simplified for the Enterprise

Corona Business Phone Systems makes managing your network security effortless. With easy policy updates and advanced control over user access, there’s no need to waste time or money manually reconfiguring devices – the system takes care of it all! Enjoy secure networks with peace of mind knowing that Corona offers an unbeatable combination of convenience and protection.

At Corona Business Phone Systems, we treat data security as a top priority. With industry-leading solutions in place, we are committed to protecting the sensitive information of our clients at all times. Our experienced team can provide systems for cloud connectivity, 3rd-party failover support and much more to ensure that your business is secure and compliant with the latest regulations. You can rest assured knowing that our team is keeping an eye on your data in case there are any security policy changes needed. Contact us today to learn more about how our high-grade security systems can benefit your business.