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At Corona Business Phone Systems, we understand the critical importance of reliable and secure computer networks for any business in today’s age. That is why we are proud to provide the latest in cabling and drop installation technologies, such as Cat5e, Cat6 and 6a. Our experienced and licensed technicians are committed to precision, accuracy, and quality service to ensure businesses can access their computers, data centers, and intranets with absolute confidence. By leveraging our industry-leading solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business will enjoy maximum speed and security. Don’t wait – get started now with Corona Business Phone Systems for a networking solution that meets your exact needs!

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A - which one do I need?

Making the right decision now can pay dividends down the road when it comes to choosing the right cable for your setup. Our team is here to provide you with detailed knowledge of our three distinct cable options, helping you understand both the design and performance capacity of each option. With this information in hand, you can make an educated choice that suits not only your short-term needs but ensures stability in the long run, saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary repairs further down the line. Reaching out with any questions is highly encouraged so we can work together to equip your set-up with a cable that best fits the criteria and helps reach optimum efficiency and productivity. Investing a little time now will definitely bear fruit later – make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

Cat 5e data cable

For all the power users out there, Cat 5e cables offer an unbeatable connection speed. As a 24 gauge twisted pair wiring with patch connectors makes setup quick and easy, you’ll be able to acquire speeds of up to 1000 Mbps over 328 feet – far more than what most households need! This high-speed internet connection and convenient installation come at an affordable cost, making it an advantageous option for all. You’ll be able to experience ultra-fast streaming quality without having to worry about setup, so now you can have the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. Make sure to take advantage of this incredible offer today and enjoy your new internet connection!

Cat 6 data cable

CAT 6 cabling is one of the highest performing networking solutions available today, providing a reliable and cutting-edge option for businesses and households alike. Boasting 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities and speeds of up to 1000 Mbps within a range of 160 feet, this advanced technology offers unparalleled performance and flexibility. Not only does it reduce interference for improved security, but its high level of compatibility ensures that existing networks can easily be upgraded without the need to start from scratch. In short, CAT 6 cabling will provide lightning-fast data transfer while ensuring optimum reliability – making it an ideal choice no matter how demanding your networking needs may be.

Cat 6A data cable

With Cat 6A cables, businesses no longer have to worry about slow data transfer speeds and network security issues. Capable of reaching up to 10 times faster data speeds than their predecessors, Cat 6A cables represent a remarkable breakthrough in network performance technology. Although the setup process itself is relatively simple, it is essential for integral systems to benefit from professional installation. That’s why it’s important to trust the experts and here at Corona Business Phone Systems, our team has decades of collective experience in managing networking solutions from start to finish. With us, you can rest assured that your business is getting the best out of its capabilities.

At Corona Business Phone Systems, we understand that reliable connections are essential for any successful business. That’s why we provide the highest quality customer care and data communication design planning services tailored to your budget. Our knowledgeable technicians are experts in the installation and wiring of all types of phone systems – from basic setup requirements to complex network installation projects. We take great pride in offering assurance with our services , no matter how small or large the job may be. If you need a dependable telephone system as well as sound advice and guidance, Corona Business Phone Systems is here for you.